Pregnancy Care

As explained in our overview of chiropractic care, altered asymmetric biomechanics stress small areas, and eventually, they will break down.  This process causes pain, often coming and going, over years.  Unless the mechanics are resolved, the condition will become chronic and more constant.  Often this pain starts or reoccurs without any sort of stress or trauma.  Gravity is the enemy and it isn’t going anywhere.  If you are overweight, this puts more force on the structures, making the situation worse.

Treatment will get rid of or minimize the pain throughout the pregnancy.

Pregnant women put excessive force through their spine as they gain weight.  This weight gain occurs more quickly than it would normally.  Structures have less time to acclimate to the increased force.  Any pre-existing biomechanical issues will likely start causing pain relatively quickly.  Unfortunately, fixing the biomechanics while the forces are increasing through pregnancy is virtually impossible.  Chiropractic treatment will focus on preventing the biomechanics from worsening and providing structural support while resolving the pain and inflammation. Treatment will get rid of or minimize the pain throughout the pregnancy.

Once the baby is born, postpartum women are in a unique situation that will allow for a quicker resolution to these biomechanical issues.  After childbirth, a woman’s ligaments begin to retract and shorten.  Coupled with the chiropractic adjustment, this will allow for quick repositioning and holding of the biomechanical corrections.  Women absolutely should make the most of this unique opportunity to quickly resolve prior biomechanical issues and prevent future issues.  Our office can also provide an assessment and treatment for your newborn.

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