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5 most frequent questions patients have about chiropractic care


What Conditions Do Chiropractors Treat? 

Chiropractors can help you feel better through the process of spinal or joint manipulation, which can generally reduce pain and correct the body’s alignment and physical function.

Many conditions that affect the nervous and musculoskeletal system can be treated; these are some of the most known: pain in muscles and joints, migraines, circulation issues, vertigo, digestive issues, insomnia, sports or car accidents injuries, and even pregnancy symptoms. 

Does the treatment hurt?

There is little to no pain involved in an adjustment. You may feel pops and cracks, but you should not feel any intense pain. 

Some people might experience soreness, similar to what you feel after a workout.

Do Chiropractors Prescribe Medication?

We don’t, which allows us to think outside the box. These are some of the things we may prescribe:

  • Soft-tissue therapy: To relax tight muscles, relieve spasms, and release tension in the fascia (the connective tissue surrounding each muscle).
  • Adjustments: To gently realign joints and increase range of motion.
  • Kinesiotaping: To support sprained joints or muscles as they heal.
  • Exercises and stretches: To restore and maintain mobility and range of motion.
  • Referrals to other health practitioners: Such as nutritionists, orthopedists,  acupuncturists, etc. 

Do I need to undress during my treatment?

The answer is no. You get to remain fully clothed and still get properly adjusted. But you may want to consider using clothes with a loose fit or stretchy fabrics such as leggings or yoga pants. 

Do I need to have X-Rays first?

X-rays are not essential to get chiropractic care. Most conditions chiropractors treat are mechanical dysfunctions that don’t require clinical imaging.

X-rays are only used if the condition and diagnosis reveal that it is necessary. 

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